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Information Galicia (Spain)

Anuncios Clasificados

Escaprate GalegoAnuncios clasificados de Galicia.

Art and Culture in Galicia

Galician Artists and Craftsmen Directory. Craftsmanship, cinema and video, music, dance, painting and sculpture exhibition galleries... Galleries of painters, sculptors, photographers and illustrators.


  Galician associations: cultural, sports and neighbour associations, NGOs, consumption, professional and ecologist associations, foundations, patronages, clubs, brass bands, immigrant associations, federations and society.

Construction industry and housing

  Directory of the firms related to the construction sector: property development companies, estate agents, excavations, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters shop and services.

Day of the Galician Letters

Language history. Romance and European language. Day of the Galician Letters: honoured people and monographs.

Education and teaching

Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in Galicia, vocational training, universities, digital library, contests...

Employment in Galicia

Portal about employment in Galicia: requests, offers, curriculum.

Fairs and Festivals

Calendar of traditional fairs. Exhibition sites, monographic and industrial fairs, fiestas, ‘romerías', antiques, gastronomic, agricultural and craftsmanship fairs.

Fashion and accessories

Moda GallegaDirectory of Galicia Fashion Accessories Companies: woman, young people, baby, sport, shoes, fur, wedding dresses and lingerie.


Database of Galician outstanding people who deserve a special mention for their biography and artistic or professional activities.

Galicia Digital

  Galicia Digital is a digital platform of theme portals in the Internet: firms, employment, associations, culture, fairs, car industry, fashion, Galician outstanding people, sports, the Way to Santiago, institutions, tourism, website directory, city councils, construction and youth.

Galician car industry

Everything related to the car industry in Galicia, authorized dealers, garages, buying and selling, towing vehicles, motor-racing teams, racing drivers, rallyes and news.

Galician firms

  Galician firms, shops and industries directory selected according to activity, province, city and industrial state. Professional and business associations.

Galician language course online

Curso GallegoGalician language course online: vocabulary, grammar, activities and audio.

Galician search engine

WebsgaliciaGalician Firms, Associations and Institutions Website Directory. You can search by speciality, province, location, name and designer.

History of Galicia

Galicia is a Spanish autonomous community, located northwest of the Iberian peninsula and formed by the provinces of La Coruña, Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra.

Hotel business and tourism

  Turismo Galicia offers you the most complete information to find travel agencies, hotels, boarding houses, ‘paradores', spas, holiday cottages, restaurants, blue-flagged beaches and a visit around the capitals A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra as well.


  Galician institutions, Parliament, Xunta, County Councils, City Councils, syndicates, political parties and religious and military institutions.

Internet Services

  Internet applications and services, domain record, banners, advertising, web design, hosting, e-mail accounts, positioning and back-up copy online.


  Municipalities of Galicia, parishes, phone numbers of interest, agenda, composition of city councils according to political groups, firms, associations, tourism and photographic gallery.

The media

Directory of communication firms, press, radio, TV, graphic arts, designers, advertising, photographers and cinema producers.

The Way to Santiago

Caminos a Santiago Information about the various routes to Santiago de Compostela. The French, English, North and Primitive Ways are available at the moment. Monuments, landscapes, cities and hostels.

Youth and education

  Website for the youngest people with several services: notice board, house renting and sharing, notes, computing, training centres, activities and cyber cafes.